About Jenna

Jenna grew up in New Bremen, Ohio.  She has two brothers and one sister.  Jenna went to college at The Ohio State University, where she majored in Communication.  Despite having both attended Ohio State, Jenna and Nick never met in college.  After graduating from Ohio State, Jenna attended Capital University Law School, and graduated in May 2011. After passing the bar exam and working for an employment law firm in Columbus, Ohio for a few months, Jenna landed her current position as a staff attorney for Clark County Child Support Services in Springfield, Ohio.         

About Nick

Nick grew up in McDonald, Ohio.  He has three older sisters.  Nick also went to college at The Ohio State University, where he majored in Political Science.  Nick graduated from Ohio State after spending a quarter interning with the Candian Parliment.  He then also attended Capital University Law School.  After graduation, Nick began working as an associate attorney for a small law firm in Columbus, Ohio.  His practice areas include criminal defense and domestic law.   

How we met

Nick and Jenna both went to Capital University Law School where they met their first year through mutual friends.  However, until their second year in law school, Nick and Jenna remained just friends.  One night, for Jenna's 24th birthday, all of her friends, including Nick, went to a Clipper's baseball game in Columbus, Ohio.  It was at that game that Nick and Jenna realized they both liked each other more than friends and had their first date shortly after.  They have been together ever since; over three years by their wedding! 

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